Hair Prices

Curly BlowdryFrom £40From £40From £40
Cut & Dry£44£46£50
Total Re-style£54£58£60
Wet/Dry Cut£36£38£40
Wet Cut Re-style£40£42£44
Fringe Trim£5£5£5
Blow Dry£32£34£40
Luxury Cut & Finish£52£58£60
Full Head Foils£87£92£97
Half Head Foils£62£72£77
T-Section Foils£54£56£66
1 x Foil Packet£4£4£4
Tint Full Head£52£58£60
Regrowth Tint£48£48£48
Hairline Tint/Parting/Crown£36£36£36
Balayage/Specialist ColoursPOAPOAPOA
TonerFrom £18From £18From £18
5 Extra Heated Finish£5
Boys Trim 6-11yrs£17
Boys Trim up to 5yrs£15
Girls Trim 12-14yrs£25
Girls Trim 6-11yrs£17
Girls Trim up to 5yrs£15
Girls Cut & Finish 12 – 14yrs£35
Perm Short Hair£60
Perm – Med/Long HairPOC
Keratin Straightening BlowdryFrom £145
Hair Extensions / RemovalFrom £105
Hair up styleFrom £35
Bridal Hair TrialFrom £40
Bridesmaid HairFrom £35
Prom HairPOC
Delux TreatmentFrom £16
Super Delux TreatmentFrom £25
Olaplex Treatment£30

Beauty Prices

Under Arm£15
Full Arm & Under Arm£35
1/2 Leg£20
Full Leg£30
Full Face Wax£30
Standard Bikini Line£15
Extended Bikini£18
1/2 Leg & Bikini Line£30
Full Leg & Bikini Line£37
Brow Shape, Tint & Lash Tint£35.00 special offer
Upper Lip or Chin£15.00
Lip & Chin£20.00
Brow Shape£15.00
Brow Tint & Shape£24.00
Eye Lash Tint£18.00
Eyebrow Tint£12.00
Individual Lashes£60.00
Individual Lash Refills£40.00
Lash Lift£45.00
Lash Lift & Tint£50.00
Henna Brows£36.00
Skin Drunk Facial£55.00
Mini Facial£35.00
Acne Facial£60.00
Holiday Facial£59.00
Prescriptive Anti-Ageing Facial£115.00
Skin Tightening Facial£99.00
Dermaplan Facial (Removal of Vellis Hair)£60.00
Dermaplan Luxury Facial£70.00
LED Fresh Skin Facial£70.00
Mesotherapy Facial£79.00
Dermal Fillers ConsultationFree
Dermal Fillers Starting PriceFrom £160.00
Electrolysis 15 mins£25.00
Electrolysis 25 mins£35.00
Eye-Lid Lift Blepharoplasty Treatment£395.00
Glycolic Skin Peel 40%£40.00
HIFU Brow & Eye Lift£249.00
HIFU Brow Lift£99.00
HIFU Jawline£349.00
HIFU Full Face (2 hours)£849.00
HIFU Neck Firming (1 hour)£349.00
HIFU Ultimate Package – Full Face, Neck & Tripolar RF£1200.00
Facial Rejuvenation£150.00
Laser Carbon Mineral Rejuvenation Facial£145.00
Laser Neck Tightening ND-Yag (based on 3 treatments)£360.00
Microdermabrasion Facial£60.00
Microdermabrasion Luxury Facial£70.00
Microneedling & RF Facial£125.00
Muscle & Skin Toning RF Facial£149.00
Anti-Wrinkle InjectionsFrom £150.00
Dermal FillersPOA
Body Contouring Prescriptive Treatment Plan (30 mins)£75.00
Body Contouring Prescriptive Treatment Plan (60 mins)£125.00
Body Contouring Prescriptive Treatment Plan (90 mins)£175.00
Bum Lift (based on course of 8)£625.00
Cellulite Reduction£99.00
Cryofreeze x 1 area£150.00
Cryofreeze x 2 areas£200.00
Cryofreeze x 3 areas£250.00
Fat Reduction & DMA (1 hour)£149.00
Fat Reduction/Skin Tightening (6 x 30min)£499.00
HIFU Body Treatment 20 mins£200.00
HIFU Body Treatment 40 mins£300.00
Radio Frequency Skin Tightening£80.00
Shockwave Lymph Massage Stimulation£30.00
Age Spot RemovalPOC
Wart Removal£60.00
IPL Pigmentation Treatment£90.00
Spider Vein/Skin Tag Removal£60.00
IPL Vein TreatmentPOC
IPL Facial Acne £90.00
1/2 Arm£80.00
Full Arm£150.00
Under Arm£60.00
1/2 Leg£110.00
Full Leg£220.00
1/2 Leg, Standard Bikini & Under Arm£199.00
Standard Bikini£60.00
Back or Chest£210.00
Full Body£600.00
Full Face£120.00
Top Lip or Chin£50.00
Top Lip & Chin£70.00
Cheeks or Sideburns£50.00
Pigmentation Removal£90.00
Tattoo RemovalFrom £45.00
Vein Removal LaserPOC

Mens Prices

All Over Clipper£16
Mens Dry Cut£20
Mens Wash, Cut & Style£28
Mens Restyle£30
Brow Shape£15
Clipper Beard/Eyebrow Trim£4
Brow Shape£15.00
Beard/Eyebrow Clippered£2.50
Chin Fat Reduction£150.00
Cryofreeze – Love Handles£260.00
Cryofreeze – 1 x area£195.00
Cryofreeze – 2 x areas£299.00
Cryofreeze – 3 x areas£350.00
Eyelift Plasma Treatment£395.00
Foot – Dry Skin Removal£40.00
HIFY Body Treatments 40 mins£400.00
HIFY Body Treatments 60 mins£600.00
HIFU Brow Lift£99.00
HIFU Neck Lift£349.00
Laser Hair Removal POC£60.00
Manboobs – One off discreet treatment£250.00
Acne Facial£60.00
Back Wax£25.00
Chest Wax£25.00
Luxury Facial£70.00
Non-Surgical Face & Neck Lift£1000.00
Tattoo Removal£45.00
Fungal Nail Removal£60.00
Skin Tag Removal/Wart Removal£60.00
Laser Vein RemovalPOC